October 18 2020 Top Reasons Enterprises Choose Laiye UiBot
Are you confused by the overwhelming number of RPA tools and automation vendors on the market? Are you looking for a fast, affordable, efficient, and easy to use automation solution? Read this blog, to know why enterprises choose the Laiye UiBot RPA solution.
October 14 2020 RPA Can Help Your Real Estate Business Soar
Are your agents inundated with forms to fill out? Do they wish there was a better way to handle the volumes of paperwork involved with walking your clients through buying and selling properties? You're in luck, there is a better way! Read this blog to know more about it.
October 11 2020 Robotic Process Automation: Distinguishing Myth from Reality?
RPA market is dynamic and customers can see new firms and products on the market very often. If numerous products make you confused to choose your automation tool, read this blog to know how to distinguish myth from reality about RPA tools.
Lightspeed backed AI Startup Laiye Launches UiBot to Enter RPA Market, Closing Series B+ with $35M July 06 2019

Laiye announces that it has closed its Series B+ financing round with US$35 million led by Cathay Innovation. Existing investors, Wu Capital and Lightspeed China Partners (LCP) also participated in this round.

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