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Laiye Supports Healthcare Providers with Its AI Driven RPA Solution and Chatbot During the Coronavirus Crisis

As the largest RPA company in China to help encounter the global impact of Covid-19, Laiye continues to offer technical support for healthcare providers, helping them to focus on providing better patient services more than ever. Laiye provides a comprehensive RPA+AI solution and chatbot to healthcare organizations to help them work efficient, productive and precise!

The whole solution of Laiye includes two parts, Laiye Uibot, an RPA+AI product, and Wulai, an open-ended chatbot for enterprises. Laiye UiBot can also be called as “Laiye UiBot RPA (Robotic Process Automation)”, it can simulate human operations and automatically perform process tasks according to the pre-defined rules. Wulai, an open-ended chatbot platform that helps enterprises build, train, and deploy chatbots.

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With the global outbreak of coronavirus, most healthcare organizations entered a crisis running on relatively thin margins. For example, hospitals have limited abilities to receive patients due to complicated admission procedures, what else, it’s difficult for patients to book their appointments at home especially under the situation of the coronavirus outbreak. For these reasons, healthcare decision-makers will seek to focus on technology that helps maximize efficiency and improves patient satisfaction.


Laiye’s RPA+AI solution and chatbot are quite powerful for solving above problems. Its Laiye UiBot RPA can improve the efficiency of the hospital’s existing processes to ensure greater accuracy and reduction of manpower. For example, Laiye UiBot has the ability to manage, classify and process the patient basic data, warehouse data, general documents, and to integrate data from multi-database systems, etc. The role of Wulai chatbot can be an intelligent appointment booking assistant, social media account assistant, doctor's scheduling assistant, patient inquiry assistant, medical test booking assistant and medical academic assistant. Wulai is quite intelligent to carry on any conversation 24/7 with over 95% accuracy.


Gartner's forward-facing report-Half of Healthcare CIOs will use RPA by 2022 predicts the application prospect of RPA in the healthcare industry, and it presents that only 5% of the healthcare sector uses RPA platforms currently. And for now, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are increasing pressure on the healthcare decision-makers to optimize costs and make the most of existing resources, heightening interest in RPA adoption, according to Gartner. For the healthcare sector, the focus of RPA adoption is on tasks such as IT help desk, physician credentialing or assessing insurance eligibility.


In consideration of that most medical staff has no technical background, so we make the Laiye UiBot easy-to-use, everyone can complete the design work of RPA processes using drag-and-drop. Therefore, medical staff can be engaged in more value-adding work.” Guanchun Wang, the CEO and Chairman of Laiye said, “With Wulai chatbot, medical providers can give a fast and precise response to each patient, and patients can be clear about their basic condition and make an appointment anytime, anywhere!


Guanchun Wang, the CEO and Chairman of Laiye 

Laiye is committed to helping fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic through RPA and chatbot and supporting healthcare providers to focus on providing better patient services. For more information, please contact us at xuxu@laiye.com.

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