RPA for Logistics & Real Estate Industry
Demo of Real Estate Industry

You will see the resign application processes of a large-scale real estate company and the steps of daily workflow.

What will UiBot do for Logistics and Real Estate?
Integration of subsystem data
RPA is non-invasive and can be easily integrated on any system, solving the embarrassment of interface integration, breaking through data flow barriers, and integrating data across systems.
Improve Processing speed
RPA can be automatically and flexibly switched between customs, taxation and other systems. It can also improve the efficiency of operation, and effectively avoid human errors in the process of data handling.
Inventory Monitoring
RPA can monitor logistics inventory levels in real time. When the inventory is low, RPA can timely inform the relevant personnel to replenish and purchase in time, and provide real-time reports to optimize inventory demands.
Shorten Turnaround Time
With RPA, you can automate property management processes and shorten turnaround time to improve efficiency in managing key business processes (such as financial reporting), saving costs, and releasing manpower.
Logistics: RPA Helped Logistics Company Optimize Process
Managing director of the company said, "Take steps to automation is a milestone and a step that the company must take. RPA not only meets the needs for creativity, reliability and timely service in our work, but also give us an advantage in the fierce competition…
Real Estate: How to Upgrade Property Management by RPA?
After deploying RPA, the company can automate process and shorten turnaround time, improve efficiency in key process of managing and save costs.
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